Tuesday, 18 July 2017 10:52

WiWay SA Platform for Wi-Fi

  • Unique, Low-Cost Wi-Fi Assurance Solution

-High Performance, HW-based probe to emulate User Experience

-Data and Video customizable emulation capabilities

-Remote, Full control of functionalities

-Low Cost Dashboard and Reporting Tool

-Local and remote Data Storage

-OS Debian GNU/Linux

  • Automatic Trouble Ticket Management

    on Platform or as a Service

-Fully automated trouble ticket opening and closing capabilities

-Detailed timing and trouble shooting report

  • SLA Verifier

-Verify conformance of Service Level Agreement (SLA)

-Real time alarming system

  • Wi-Fi Survelliance

-24x7 Automated Quality of Experience (QoE)

-Resources and application avalabilities

-Accessibility and Reliability

-Multiple Wi-Fi Network assurance with one probe

-Layer 4-7 testing

  • Analytics and Reporting on a Platform or as a Service
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