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New low-cost 1G-100G hardware test platform from Xena Networks targets carrier Ethernet market

New low-cost 1G-100G hardware test platform from Xena Networks targets carrier Ethernet market.

XenaCompact cost-effectively addresses rapidly escalating need for Layer 1-3 Ethernet test ports among carrier Ethernet providers moving to 100G.
20 January 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark: Xena Networks is explicitly targeting carrier Ethernet providers moving to 100G with its new XenaCompact test platform, a 1U unit that scales from 1G through to 100G, and has a port-price less than half the industry-standard.

"To meet the massive demand for high-speed bandwidth most carrier Ethernet providers are now gearing up for 100G," says Jacob Nielsen, the CEO for Xena Networks. "However, cost is still a big issue, so the XenaCompact represents a powerful value proposition."

"For most central offices, rack space is precious so we’ve combined a small form factor with high port density," explains Hans Hurvig, the CTO at Xena Networks. "The XenaCompact is very robust and equipped with multiple ports, so it can run a full complement of service tests simultaneously, lasting from a millisecond right up to 72 hours. Plus we include free software that literally takes 10 minutes to master."

"The startling growth of Carrier Ethernet is inevitably drawing significant new players into the industry as evidenced by the entry of companies such as Xena that is introducing a product set designed to address the specific testing needs of service providers rolling out very high performance services," says Bob Mandeville, president and founder of Iometrix.  "We have seen the Xena platform deliver test capabilities for conformity and performance testing that are equally well adapted to the needs of lab and field test environments."

"Some carriers are still questioning the cost of moving to 100G Ethernet, and while testing is only a small part of that upgrade, being able to help our customers save money during the early phase can influence the overall timeframe," says Jacob Nielsen. "You can never have too many Layer 1-3 test ports so demand will certainly increase both in the field and in the lab."

Xena’s approach is being noticed in the market. Xena Networks is experiencing exponential growth thanks largely to their aggressive price/performance per port, and their unusual policy of free software,free tech support and 3 years’ free software upgrades.

Factors like these helped them win Frost & Sullivan’s "Global Gigabit Ethernet Test Equipment Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award" for 2010. The company already has customers among major carriers in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, and is currently negotiating deals with numerous others through a growing sales network.


Founded in 2007 and based in Denmark, Xena develops affordable, easy-to-use, and flexible Layer 1- 3 Ethernet test solutions from 1Mbps through to 100Gbps. Using the latest technology, and working with international software partners, Xena is committed to providing an unbeatable value proposition. The company has sales representatives in North America, Israel, Asia and Europe. For more information,please visit


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